The Wonders of Lavender


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We’ve been boasting about the wonders of lavender essential oil because we think it’s great! Take a look at some interesting lavender facts below.

• Lavender is one of the most popular, versatile and calming oils

• Essential oils can come from different parts of a plant. Lavender essential oil is most often obtained from lavender flowers

• Lavender has a long and rich history and has been used extensively by various cultures in remedies, rituals and perfumes

• Lavender was used by early civilisations, such as the Ancient Egyptians


• The Romans used lavender to fragrance their bath houses

• During medieval times, lavender was used to freshen up houses

• In Sense and Sensibility (by Jane Austin) Elinor revives a shocked Marianne with lavender water

• Lavender can help relieve headache and migraine

• Lavender can enhance our overall sense of wellbeing

• Research shows that lavender essential oil is an excellent natural aid for both relaxation and sleep

• Even in ancient times, lavender was put under pillows in linen bags to help sleep

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