The benefits of natural wax candles


There are a number of benefits to choosing a natural vegetable wax candle as opposed to a paraffin one. We will look at some of these below.


Natural vegetable waxes, such as rapeseed and soy are toxin-free. Unlike paraffin wax which omits harmful toxins around your home.


If you spill soy wax it’s easy to clean up with soap and hot water. Paraffin wax is very hard to clean up and tends to set very hard leaving a residue.


Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, which is a finite resource. However, vegetable waxes like soy and rapeseed come from a renewable resource (rapseed crops and soy beans).


Vegetable wax candles burn much more cleanly. There’s normally an unpleasant black smoke puffing out of paraffin candles. To minimise sooting with any candle, keep the wick trimmed and position candles away from draughts.


Because vegetable wax is natural, it works well with essential oils. Paraffin wax candles are nearly always fragranced with synthetic scents, rather than pure essential oils. But be careful, as many vegetable wax candles can also be scented with synthetic fragrances. At Zuna we only scent our candles with 100% pure essential oils. Absolutely no synthetics.


Soy wax lasts for longer than paraffin wax, due to its lower melting point. This means that you are getting better value for money.

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