September – Start looking after you!

It’s starting to feel a bit colder as we reach the middle of September. The kids are back at school and we remember once again why central heating is so useful! I know my cat likes nothing better than to curl up in front of the fire in the evening.

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Whether you’re busy with family life, work, managing your home or other commitments, it’s easy to forgot about the importance of looking after yourself. We tend to exercise less when it gets colder and we can end up consuming more unhealthy comfort food.

Here’s some helpful tips for staying healthy over the autumn:

STEP-BY-STEP: If you haven’t exercised for a while, build up gradually – set realistic goals (e.g. Monday – 20 minute walk).

MAKE IT ROUTINE: Try and make exercise a regular part of your routine, not just something you do when you feel like it (you’re less likely to feel with it when it’s colder!).

GET SUPPORT: Tell other people what you’re going to do – they can help remind and support you to reach your goals.

SWITCH: Try and substitute unhealthy comfort food for meals and snacks that are still comforting but healthier (e.g. jacket potato with beans or porridge with fruit).

ME TIME: Set aside ‘me time’, and consider what will help you relax. Try burning one of our gorgeous relaxation candles in the evening to help you to de-stress. Visit our shop – we’ve currently got 50% or more off all our relaxation packages. PLUS all packages come with a free relaxation guide.

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Let us know below what you plan to do to have a healthy and happy September!

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