Make August a month for you…


It’s the second week of August and the time that many of us go off on holiday. We’ve had the pleasure of some nice hot summer days, plenty of BBQ opportunities and many flowers are still out in bloom, lighting up our countryside, parks and gardens. Why not make August a month to start focusing on your wellbeing?

Wellbeing can mean lots of things, but can often include both the emotional and physical side of things. Ask yourself:

Do I feel stressed?
Am I getting regular exercise?
Am I so busy that I find it hard to stop?
Am I still seeing friends and socialising?
Do I take time out for relaxation?
Do I feel happy?

Try and set yourself some specific and achievable goals! Here are some ideas:

• Get 30 minutes of exercise on at least 5 days a week

• Go swimming twice a week for 1 hour

• Take 30 minutes of ‘me-time’ time on a Sunday evening

• Write down at least 3 positives at the end of each day (however bad I think my day has been!)

• Plan one enjoyable day trip once a month

• Go to a yoga class each week

• Meet up with friends at least once a fortnight

Good luck setting your goals!

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