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Q: What type of wax are Zuna candles made from and why?
A: Our candles are made from 100% natural vegetable wax. We blend soy wax with rapeseed wax (EU sourced). Our wax is GM free. Soy and rapeseed waxes are renewable, biodegradable, look great, are clean burning and work perfectly with essential oils.
Q: Do your candles contain paraffin wax?
A: Absolutely not. We do not want to use paraffin was because it has been shown in some studies to emit harmful chemicals when burnt. This can be especially problematic in enclosed spaces. Paraffin wax is not renewable, is normally combined with synthetic fragrances, tends to be ‘sooty’, is not fully biodegradable, has a high melting point (less safe) and spillages are difficult to clean up.
Q: What are your wicks made from?
A: Natural materials (cotton with linen supports).
Q: How long does your 30cl candle burn for?
A: Up to 50 hours.
Q: Why do you use essential oils?
A: We have chosen not to use artificial fragrances in our candles because some studies have shown that artificial fragrances can emit harmful chemicals, even when you’re not burning them. Some people find that exposure to artificial scents can cause headaches and other adverse reactions. Additionally, aromatherapy is based on the use of pure essential oils (not synthetic scents), which have known therapeutic benefits for our mind and body. We think essential oils smell so much better too!
Q: What is aromatherapy?
A: Aromatherapy is the art of using plant-based essential oils to maintain or improve our physical, psychological or spiritual wellbeing. The word aroma is derived from Greek and simply means an agreeable or pleasant odour or fragrance and the term therapy can be described as treatment to bring about a positive change. We’ve got lots of interesting information about aromatherapy on our blog page.
Q: You have run out of a product that I want to buy. What can I do?
A: Please send us a message on the contact us page, outlining which product(s) you want to buy and the quantity, and we will email you as soon as it’s back in stock.
Q: What’s the best way to use/care for a Zuna candle?
A: To ensure you get the best use out of your candle, it’s really important to follow some simple guidelines. Please see our blog on Candle Care.
Q: Do you have any other sizes of candles?
A: We only currently sell one size of candle, which provides excellent value for money for our customers. If you would like us to stock other sizes in the future, please send us a message and let us know. All feedback is appreciated.
Q: Do you have any other products aside from candles?
A: We also sell a range of wellbeing guides on the topics of mood, sleep, energy and stress. Our relaxation guides comes free with any candle package. If you have any product suggestions, please get in touch on the contact us page.
Q: The appearance of my candle wax isn’t completely uniform– why is this?
A: Because our candles are made from natural wax and natural essential oils, there can sometimes be slight changes in the appearance of the wax. This is to be expected and will not affect the quality or burn of your candle and is nothing to worry about. We like to think of it as every candle being unique!

My Order

Q: How do I change or cancel my order?
A: If you would like to change or cancel your order please email us at zunanaturals@gmail.com or use the form on our contact us page as soon as possible. If your order has already been despatched, please read the returns policy for more information about returning items to us.
Q: When will I receive my order?
A: Delivery times will vary depending upon your location and the delivery option you chose when placing your order. Please see our delivery page for further information on delivery times.
Q: I received a damaged or faulty product, what can I do?
A: We’re sorry to hear that your product is faulty. Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for a replacement product or refund.


Q: Do you offer next day delivery?
A: Yes, we have 2 option for next day delivery within the UK – “Next Working Day” or “Guaranteed Next Day”. Please note that the “Next Working Day” option is not guaranteed to arrive the next working day and may take up to 3 working days. “Guaranteed Next Day” delivery is guaranteed to arrive by 1pm the next working day (it may be longer in some parts of the UK). To ensure next day delivery please place your order by 12pm Monday to Thursday. Orders placed on Fridays will be delivered on a Monday and order placed at the weekend will be delivered Tuesday. See our delivery page for more details.
Q: Do you delivery internationally?
A: Yes, we do. Please see our delivery pages for further information regarding which countries we deliver to and the different delivery options available.


Please see our returns page for more information
Q: What can be returned to Zuna for a replacement or refund?
A: You can return any product purchased from zunanaturals.com as long as it is unopened and re-sellable or it arrived faulty or damaged.
Q: How can I arrange for a replacement or refund?
A: Contact us within 14 days of receiving your item by sending an email to zunanaturals@gmail.com.

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