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We believe that you deserve only the best for your body, mind and home. That’s why Zuna produces high-quality 100% natural scented candles, using a blend of vegetable wax and pure essential oils. Our candles contain no paraffin wax, palm wax or synthetic fragrance and are made in the U.K.

Unlike the majority of candles on the market, which are made from paraffin wax, ours is made from a combination of soy and rapeseed wax. We didn’t want to include any paraffin wax, which has been shown to emit harmful toxins. There’s also so many other benefits to having a vegetable wax candle, for example, it’s cleaner burning, comes from renewable resources and is biodegradable.

Essential oils are the natural essence of plants and are far superior to synthetic fragrances, which can actually produce adverse reactions in many people. Essential oils each have special therapeutic properties, for example, lavender has been shown in scientific studies to be calming and relaxing. They smell so much better than synthetic fragrances too!

Butterfly Moments has taken us a long time to craft and perfect, but we won’t settle for anything less than perfect for our customers. We’ve blended together the most calming and relaxing essential oils (including lavender, bergamot and geranium) to create an absolutely amazing aroma that will help you to de-stress and unwind. You’ve told us how Butterfly Moments helps you to create an instantly relaxing atmosphere and wind down after a busy day. Every candle comes with a Zuna Relaxation Guide (with added audio tracks), with lots of fantastic relaxation ideas and tips. You can visit our shop here.

We’ve recently launched 4 Zuna Wellbeing Guides, which we’re really excited about:
The Zuna Stress Buster Guide, The Zuna Sleep Guide, The Zuna Mood Booster Guide and The Zuna Energy Guide!

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